WooCommerce Wednesdays: How to optimize WooCommerce product pages for higher conversions

Product pages are arguably the most important pages for an ecommerce store. They are where shoppers go to learn about your items and select the ones they wish to purchase — a key reason to optimize your WooCommerce product pages. While a well-made product detail page helps turn visitors into customers, poorly made product pages […]

Websites + Marketing: Enhanced email marketing features for your business

Email is so common now that email marketing can be an impactful platform for small business owners to acquire and retain customers. When it comes to growing your business, small business owners need enhanced email marketing features to let customers know about their current products and services, exciting new offers, or to keep them apprised of upcoming […]

How to get started reselling to your web design clients

Conventional wisdom recommends optimizing your success in the web design business by splitting income into three buckets: project work, recurring revenue, and passive income. A reseller program is the perfect example of passive income. By reselling services provided by others, you earn commissions on initial sales, and even better, on renewal fees. Sell once and […]

Business Hosting: Cheat Sheet

Business Hosting is the best of both worlds: web hosting simplicity, plus VPS power without needing to hire a server admin or IT pro. Scalability for your business — and revenue With plans that grow with you, Business Hosting offers the power to welcome a tidal wave of monthly visitors.It’s ideal for high-traffic sites hosting videos, photos, […]

How to respond to comments and console unhappy clients

Let’s get real: In the web design world, complaints come with the territory. If you’re selling a product or service based on creative design and interpretation, you’ll eventually encounter an unhappy client. And keeping clients happy is key to providing exceptional customer service. Most complaints fit into one of these categories: The client is uninformed, misinformed, […]

7 resolutions for eCommerce businesses in 2021

2020 has been… shall we say… an interesting year. It’s certainly been a year of surprises in the eCommerce industry. (All those people who mocked you back in 2016 for starting a store that only sold toilet paper and banana bread baking supplies—now who’s laughing?) Customer spending has been transitioning steadily away from in-person shopping and […]

How to improve your international SEO and grow search traffic

International SEO is the practice of translating your original site content into different (often multiple) languages and optimizing it for SEO to bring in targeted search traffic. By optimizing your site content for international SEO, you can drive targeted search traffic to your website through different languages. This also helps you increase your website’s visibility […]